Woman Left Disgusted After Discovering Husband Has Been Collecting His Diarrhea In Jars

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On 22nd February 2022

Every person has a secret and having secrets, especially in spousal relations is nothing shocking. However, the shock does come when the intensity of the secret changes. This woman was left disgusted to the core after discovering her husband’s dirty secret and unable to deal with the traumatizing discovery, she took to Reddit’s anonymous platform to seek help.

This woman to the Reddit platform to share a truly horrifying story of how she discovered her husband’s bizarre private “collection,” and it’s disgusting. 

“While cleaning out the kitchen pantry,” she wrote, “I was dusting the top shelf, and noticed the clanging of jars up there.

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“So I got out the step ladder and up there is fourteen jars filled to the brim with diarrhoea and sealed with lids.”

The jars appeared to have been arranged in order of consistency, “from brown water to a thick black sludge”.

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The woman made the mistake of opening the jars and this is one mistake that she regrets truly after discovering the content inside it. “The smell was so bad I can still feel it burning the back of my throat,” she says.

She was aware that her hubby suffered from IBS, she says, but is “lost for words as to why he would poo into jars”.

Reddit users were left speechless over the gruesome discovery

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