VIDEO: Man Violates A 70 Year Old Woman And Demanded Her Keys To Steal Her Car!

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is seeking more information from the public after a suspect was arrested who allegedly violently assaulted a female office employee at a business in the 10700 block of N. Market Street in Mead on February 13. The victim is in her early 70s. After physically beating the woman, the suspect then attempted to steal her vehicle before fleeing the scene.

Police say the female victim sustained serious, but non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital for additional care. A video from inside the business showed the victim being pushed to the ground as the man stood over her, demanding the keys to her vehicle while repeatedly punching her in the head and face. After the violent assault, the man apologized, stole a bag of potato chips, and fled. Deputies would later locate a vehicle next to the business with a broken window and a punched ignition, an apparent unsuccessful theft attempt.

A few minutes later, police say the man allegedly stole a work truck, and a witness who observed the theft followed the stolen vehicle. When the suspect stopped to close the work boxes in the truck bed, the witness told him the police were responding. The suspect then returned to the truck, threw it in reverse, and rammed the victim’s Honda, causing significant damage before driving away.

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