VIDEO: Illinois Police Point Guns At 6 Year Old Child After Attacking A Home Without A Search Warrant

“On Feb 28 at 7am, the Illinois State Police without a warrant in hand used a ramming vehicle to run down this families farm gate clearly labeled closed to keep dogs in.

They were preceeded by 4 armored assault vehicles armed with no fewer than 20 men carrying assault rifles. They then aimed those rifles at a 6 year old child and her 55 year old grandmother.

When the search warrant was presented an hour later, it was for supposedly stolen property having to do with a family estate. The grandmother and child were not named in the search warrant, they were not allowed to leave. They stood in the cold for 2 hours, in pajamas and barefoot, until the grandmother passed out from high blood pressure and was transported to the hospital.”

This didn’t involve drugs, guns or anything that warranted this excessive and unnecessary use of force by Illinois state police. 

What do you think?

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