Students Hilariously Roast Teachers In These Tweets

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Annie N.
On 7th March 2022

Students will really say anything to make fun of their teacher. These teachers reveal their stories.

Wait. Is it not cool to stay dry during rain?

“One of my practicum students once made fun of me for carrying an umbrella in my backpack Imao he said “oh look at you ms. prepared””


To be fair, ankle pants were never cool

“When I was teaching I wore ankle pants ONE day and every single middle school boy pointed it out like I was a Victorian harlot.”


A moment of silence for Ms Lexi

“I used to work at a daycare/preschool and one day | wore my favorite light green cardigan. One of my three-year-olds (who was possibly the smartest, most articulate 3-year old I ever met) looked at me one day and said “Ms.Lexie…why are you wearing THAT color? It’s ugly.” Pain”


Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound good

“When my preschoolers are trying to roast me they call me an applesauce banana.”


We’re with the first-grader on this one

“Wore a brown dress with brown tights and brown shoes one day. First-grader smiled and said, “You look as pretty as dirt!””


Cookies are the one true currency of love

“When one of my students asked me “if you love kids sm how come you don’t bake us cookies?!?” and the whole 5th grade class laughed and gave him high fives”


You never know how they’ll get you

“During student teaching, one of my kids made fun of the way I sit on my stool (just kind of leaned against it with my feet flat on the ground) and I think of it every time I stand that way (every single day)”


Teenagers terrify me now

“High school kids will really make fun of you for anything so I have a new student who saw my almost-empty water bottle and he goes DAMN MISS YOU WERE THIRSTY and the other kids laughed lollll how do you get clowned for drinking water to”


I see an F in the student’s future

“I shaved my head over the weekend. A student told me that I looked so bald that if anyone rubbed my head, they would see their future.”


Did they lie tho?

“My student said I was so ugly my hairline ran away from my face. (I am bald.)”


This teacher’s cracked the code

“You gotta clown them back – but proportionately. I do that to my players (I coach HS football.) My going thing is: “that’s funny. you know my rule you aren’t allowed to make jokes unless your GPA is higher than gas pri8ces.” They start doing the math, and realize they should chill lol.”


They take no prisoners

“I took leave for a 1/2 day & went to hair appnt at 5m the same day. Next day, “Really, u left early to get ur hair done? And you chose to get it like that? And I heard u left w a huge smile on ur face. You should’ve been sad to leave us.”

I’ll just take the whole day moving forward.”


7th graders tell no lies

“‘What’s wrong with you today?’ You look sick’ – 7th graders to me when I didn’t wear makeup.”


Feelings? What are those?

“I wear ties every day, many of them bad 90s ties. I wore an extra bad one student teaching, my 8th graders took a poll and voted it the ugliest tie I’ve worn, and then tried a school-wide poll. They got the principal involved and she presented me with a certificate for the ugliest tie.”


Gotta reward the funny ones

“For a drama project, one of my students did an imitation of me! It was bang on and I LMAO the whole time, but at the end, the whole class was silent, not looking at me. I think they thought he was dead. I gave him bonus marks for bravery.”


Dad vibes so strong, the kids point it out

“A student once asked me where I got the sweater I was wearing and before I could answer she said “THE DAD STORE?!?!”.”


Did winters stop happening in 2015?

“Had one of the high schoolers at my job say to me “Omg are you wearing a winter coat? That’s so 2015.” …It was 30 degrees outside.”


Sometimes, they can also be pretty sweet.

“Last year I jokingly put on sunglasses on during class, saying the light of the projector was too bright. First online lesson they all appeared on my screen wearing sunglasses. I thought it was kinda sweet tbh..”


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