SAS Dog Handler Who Ran Through Gunfire To Save Wounded Canine Set For A Bravery Medal 

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On 14th March 2022

SAS dog handler set to get bravery award after running through a hail of gunfire to save canine shot after flushing out Taliban sniper in Kabul.

A SAS canine handler is being considered for a bravery award after colliding with a path of the fire to save a canine.

The anonymous soldier carried the wounded Belgian shepherd dog 50 yards through Afghan terrain that was not under fire.

He rescued the dog by preventing blood loss from its wounds after attending a helicopter.

The SAS frequently use canines to ferret out enemy snipers hiding under the cowl

Handlers and their dogs have an unbreakable relationship.

The bravery occurred last year when the SAS focused on 14 Taliban insurgents south of Kabul, just before coalition troops left Afghanistan.

Locals who assisted authority soldiers in a fortified complex have been reported as being executed by insurgents.

SAS and Afghan commando helicopters landed and were immediately assaulted by the Taliban.

The canine was dispatched to flush out a sharpshooter by tracking laser dots projected by the handler.

SAS troops successfully killed the sniper that the canine was dispatched to flush out.

The dog successfully lured the Taliban sniper out of his cover, where the militant had been shot and killed.

The animal was looking for another goal when it was hit.

The source added: ‘It was badly injured and bleeding profusely. The handler ran across, picked up the dog, and carried him to a safe area’.

‘Once the target had been neutralized, the SAS withdrew and were picked up by the choppers. 

The dog was in a bad way, bleeding from gunshot or blast injuries. But he survived and was sent back to the UK.

The Ministry of Defence said it does not comment on the SAS.

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