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Man Shares His Dilemma On Dying Wife Asking For One More Romp With Ex

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On 9th February 2022

This man’s anonymous Reddit post left the social media platform in a frenzy. People were left shocked as OP shared his struggle of a dying wife asking to have sex with her ex one last time before she dies. The man says that he is destroyed after getting such a request and while he has denied his wife of this bizarre request but he is facing the guilt of denying a dying man of their one last wish.

This man recently took to the social media platform of Reddit to share a bizarre situation where he is unable to make sense of what is happening to him. 

The anonymous man shared that his partner of ten years is diagnosed with a terminal illness and has most 9 months to live. OP share that he is devastated and is trying his best to make the final days of his wife all grand. 

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However, OP was left in a stump when one final wish of his wife left him in a dark place. Apparently, the wife asked OP to let him sleep with her ex one last time to get the physically fulfilling sex. 

OP shares that after hearing such a request he is destroyed and is pissed off at his wife but at the same time is made to go through guilt of not allowing a dying man to fulfill his last wish. 


Read the original post.

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OP asked Reddit of their opinion and people made sure to give one without minicng any words.

Reddit was shocked, to say the least upon reading this bizarre story.

Some called it fake.

Many suggested to OP that he should simply divorce his wife.

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Others told him to pack her bags and let her live with the ex for her final time on Earth.

Whatever the suggestions, the Reddit post got viral and so many people commented that the post got past its comment limit

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