Man Attacked By Monkey Has List Of Women Waiting To Date Him.

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Annie N.
On 9th February 2022

Dillion shared a goofy video of himself in Thailand getting attacked by a monkey onto Hinge only to go viral and for women to ask him out on dates. Task Failed Successfully!

Dillion had originally posted the video on Hinge where he called the experience, “The worst experience he ever had.”

Dillion had come across this particular monkey when he was on a trip to Thailand.


The black-haired Gibbon can be seen perched onto his head as he wraps his hand around Dillion’s head and then proceeds to slap him across the face several times.

Dillion can be heard and seen screaming, “Goddamnit! Arghh!” when the handler finally commands the monkey to stop.


Dillion then says with relief, “Okay, we’re done.”


People loved the video so much that they decided they too wanted to date Dillion.


“I want him! How old is he and where’s he from?” asks one.


The video went so viral, Dillion’s friends started noticing too and one revealed in the comments, “Oh my God, I know him. He is absolutely this funny in person. Got us kicked out a tennis club.”


Dillion finally had to make a TikTok account himself where he said, “I am the viral monkey guy but wish it would get deleted.”


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