Is Bigger Always Better? These People Don’t Think So

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Annie N.
On 15th March 2022

These Redditors share examples of times when ‘bigger is better’ is simply not true

“What are examples where “bigger is better” isn’t true?”

A Redditor asked for examples of when bigger is better is just not true and the internet delivered.


“Blood pressure”

“Doctor said my blood pressure is big.

Oh dear, how big?


A higher blood pressure is just not good.


The bigger the star, the shorter the life

“Stars. The giant ones die quickly, the small ones can live for billions of years.”

“The very smallest red dwarfs can live for trillions of years. 🙂 They cook their hydrogen fuel very slowly and over low temperatures. Talk about stretching your rations!”


No matter which end it’s going through, smaller is better.

“Pill sizes”

“Good news! It’s a suppository.”


Smaller is good, if you can find it first.

“Leak in your Roof”

“Mostly. But a tiny leak is more difficult to find. If you have a leak, you want it to be big enough to find and repair.”


can only imagine how the BIL reacted.

“The length of silence after you ask someone to marry you.”

“My sister said she wanted to think about it.

She thought about it, said yes, and now they are married with five kids.”


Every kidney stone is too big, no matter how small it is.

“Kidney stones”

“Omg yeah those hurt.”


Veggies have fun-sizes too.

“Vegetables. You would think more=better but the bigger they are the less flavor there is and the texture gets weird. For certain veggies at least. Zucchini for example.”

“This one is my favorite. Appreciate a small, flavorful, not-looking-like-it’s-been-jacked-up-with-steroids yam.”


This Redditor is going to make a great dad.

“Microbiologist. The bigger ones are just biologists”

“I’m afraid to meet a macrobiologist”


A bigger ego annoys everyone around you.


“I use to have a huge ego, but now I’m perfect.”


Big friend groups always have a smaller group on the inside.

“Friends group. Gap between the teeth. Amount of work/study.”


Sharpens machete before diving into appendix

“Scalpel, I pretty sure if my doctor was using a scalpel the size of a machete, there’d be some issues.”


1/2 of your face is far too much

“Lip injections. Man they look stupid.”


Standard size is best size

“Being extremely tall, being over 6’8 and just being a normal dude that doesn’t play sports professionally sucks. Have to pay extreme prices for clothes and shoes that fit, have to duck to get into buildings, and your feet always dangle off on any bed you sleep in.”


You didn’t think we wouldn’t address the elephant in the room?

“Penis size, there is such thing as too big, believe me :(“

“I heard somewhere that dick measuring contests are usually a contest between people with penises.”


What do you think?

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