Internet Left Laughing After Hearing This Drunken Ring Doorbell Conversation: ‘And They Say Romance Is Dead’

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On 4th March 2022

TikTok users can’t get enough of this friendly banter between a drunk man and his furious partner through a doorbell ring. While the partner scolds the man furiously through the speaker, the man happily gushes I love you and in his drunken haze continues to act stupidly.

Over time, social media has proven that ring doorbell cameras can be of great use. From people having late-night drunk conversations to catching cheating partners through these cameras, the internet has seen quite a lot of it.

In a viral clip that made one viewer “proud to be British”, TikTok user @fbpz1 shared hilariously amusing footage of a man returning home from a night on the town. While the man may have forgotten the night, his trusty doorbell camera captured it all.


Responding to his angry partner, the man gushes, “I love you”, but she wasn’t having any of it. “Get in, you f***ing kn**,” she demanded.

Still, in his drunken haze, the man again asks the location of the keys.


Confused on hearing the location of the keys, he quizzed: “What do you mean in the letterbox? Why would you put keys in the letterbox?”

His partner urges him to quit the drama and “hurry up” before he woke the baby up, to which he sighed and shook his finger at the camera.


After finally retrieving the keys, he set the dog off barking. “Shut up, you f***ing ginger c***,” he shouted.


The now-viral TikTok clip has been viewed more than a million times and people are amused over this romantic banter between the drunk man and his furious partner.

“This is the best,” one TikTok user said. “Every loving couple has had this conversation coming home from a night out.”


“This is what ring door bells are made for,” another added, while one was in hysterics about the man’s “amazement on his face” when the keys were, in fact, in the letterbox.

Another joked: “WHAT DID THE DOG DO?!”


While another person amusingly added: It looks like someone had a good night.


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