Fans Shocked When They Realised What This Tattoo Model Looked Like Without Ink

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Annie N.
On 9th February 2022

This tattoo model whose body is covered fully by ink

Em Bodoe is famous for her glamorous look and gorgeous body art. She is also starring in a YouTube show by the name of Reality House.


The LA model uploaded a video wearing a short and sports bra, featuring all her tattoos with an on-screen caption, “I wonder what I would look like without w/o tattoos.”


The video then cuts suddenly to her without any ink. She smiles and does a turn, markedly without her star tattoos just below her eyes. She had also covered up the roses and cobwebs she usually has across her torso and chest.

@embodoe i’m scared LMAO @angelamazzanti @moodie.maggie ♬ Half On a Sack – Three 6 Mafia

In a later video, she revealed how she covered up her ink along with two other friends who showed the process of putting foundation on their skin.


While people were surprised by the dramatic change, they loved the new look while still praising the old one.


She also uploaded another video that showed and compared all the areas that had been covered with foundation.


One commenter said that those saying she looked “better” were in fact insulting her since she was a beautiful woman with or without her tattoos.


At the end of the day most admitted that all that mattered was how she felt on the inside.


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