Dad Called A ‘Demon’ After Having Demon Horns, Forked Tongue, And Tattooed Eyeballs.

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Zainab Pervez
On 8th February 2022

“I’m a dad nicknamed ‘the demon’ after getting horns, split tongue & tattooed eyes – but I won’t stop modifying my body”

Pedro Kenso, 28, from Brasília, Brazil, spent thousands of pounds on extreme body modifications that earned the locals the nickname “the demon”.

The father-of-two began his bizarre transition in 2017 by cutting off one of his nipples.

He was then given silicone implants to his head and was able to attach horns to his skull to look like a real-life devil.

It all started off small, Pedro’s first tattoo was his mother’s name on his arm.

“When I go outside people do judge and criticise me. Some call me a demon and others get scared, but I’m a very calm person. I have faith in God.” 

“When I go to the supermarket people are super amazed and polite.”

He said: “When I did the tongue fork, I didn’t feel pain or anything. I used to have pointy elf ears but I didn’t like it. I wanted something more aggressive so I cut them off.”

The Brazilian now wants to get his entire body inked.

Pedro paid the equivalent of £167 to have his eyes tattooed – and spent the same amount on slicing the top of his ears off.

“The plan for my future is to tattoo myself 100 per cent,” he said.

However, others think that it’s totally up to him and even reckon his art is cool.

One said: “People stop judging him he wants to be like this problems it’s better for him to stay silent than talk because tomorrow we can wake up dead..”

A fellow supporter commented: “Jesus loves you anyway, he doesn’t care about childish comments, everything has its time.”

A third wrote: “Am I the only one who thinks this is cool?”

As long as he’s happy, it’s his body to do whatever he wants with.

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