Cringey Things Men Told Women

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Annie N.
On 7th March 2022

These women reveal all the super embarrassing stuff men have said to them and it’s really something.

This is what happens when creeps go too long without consequences.

“My manager looked at me and said with all of my male coworkers in the room, “I hope I can try you out in bed. You must be a freak.”

I reported him and he was terminated.”


Interesting way to tell the world you’re a pedo

“Damn girl, are you as young as you look? Cuz I’ve got a white van just around the corner”


A bad lie at that.

“I brought a guy out with my friends once and we were talking about nicknames family/friends gave us and he goes “my friends call me silverback gorilla because they recognize my alpha vibe”. Obviously a damn lie”


Hey sir. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.

“The dude I was talking to asked if I was looking to have kids. I said “not anytime soon” (I was 20!!) Proceeds to tell me my breasts would look great swollen with milk :)”


Where is the line between cute and cringe?

“A white man once said to me, a black woman, he could be the marshmallows to my hot chocolate. Cute but I had second-hand embarrassment.”


Rules can change whenever when you’re the one making them.

““Wait, how can you be both Korean and Chinese?”

2nd place would be from a guy I dated. He wanted me to give him a bj, and I asked if he would give me oral too. He responded: “I only eat out a girl when she’s my girlfriend.” Thankfully I didn’t blow him, as I suddenly decided to only do that for boyfriends.”


Anyone notice the age difference?

“God. I hate being around all these betas.” We were at the gym. He was also 29 and I was 18. That whole 6 months was an embarrassment.”


That’s how you know a man has been a creep from teenage to retirement and learnt nothing on the way

“I was at church with my Dad and one of the old men came up. He pointed at me then looked at my Dad and said “I see you’ve brought your concubine with you.”

This was after he had smacked my butt with a rolled-up newspaper

I never went back there again.”


Are we all just doomed?

“I worked at dollar general for a short time after high school. I am biracial (black & white) and a white man I was ringing up winks at me and says “You know, I really like colored girls” and the guy behind him just said “DUDE?”


Hey guy! This is what psychopaths say.

“I only like vulnerable girls. I want a girl who is reliant on me and will just cry on my shoulder.” That freaked me out, especially since I had mental health issues when we first started dating. Guess the mental state of his next girlfriend”


What do you think?

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