1000yo Japanese ‘Demon Imprisoning’ Boulder Just Broke In Half And Internet Is Freaking Out

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On 12th March 2022

Internet is in chaos after the news of Japan’s oldest boulder called Sessho-seki which translates to “killing stone” has broken made it to social media. It is believed that the 1,000 years old boulder likely cracked due to natural weathering and age. The locals are saying that it is a very bad omen and the world has to brace itself for a lot more bad things to happen this year.

Social media in Japan is in a panic state for the past two days after a huge volcanic boulder said to have imprisoned a powerful demon has cracked in half.

The very famous, now-broken landmark in the Nasu prefecture of Japan is called Sessho-seki–which translates to “killing stone.” The story behind the boulder dates back to 1,000 years and is aptly named as it is believed that anyone who comes in close contact with the stone dies. 

@Lily0727K/Twitter, @dtseto/Twitter

A Japanese Twitter user by the name of @Lily0727K shared a photo of the Sessho-seki in its current state and said of her unsettling discovery:

“I feel like I’ve seen something that shouldn’t be seen.”

@Lily0727K/Twitter, @dtseto/Twitter

The Japanese mythology believes that the stone contains the captured corpse of  Tamamo-no-Mae–a beautiful woman who was exposed to be a nine-tailed demonic fox working for an evil daimyo [feudal war lord] who was planning to usurp Emperor Konoe’s throne by killing him.

The targeted Emperor reigned from 1107 to 1123.

The demonic woman was slain by a warrior, and her corpse became the Sessho-seki sealed by a sacred rope called “Shimenawa.”

@Lily0727K/Twitter, @dtseto/Twitter

Legend believes that the stone had been exorcised by a Buddhist monk.

Now the boulder was discovered broken in pieces and its sacred seal was torn on March 5. Though it is believed that the incident happened due to natural weathering and age.

Locals are interpreting it as a bad omen and they are convinced that a 1,000-year-old female demoness is now on the loose to wreak havoc

Masaharu Sugawara–a Nasu Kogen Yumoto Guide Club chairman and a tourism volunteer–said of the split stone:

“It’s natural, so it can’t be helped, but it’s a shame because it’s a symbol of the local area.”

People are tweeting that the world of 2022 is going through enough to face anymore trouble


Though one Twitter user is fairly optimistic that the female demon could wreak havoc for a useful purpose too

Reportedly according to the Shimotsuke Shimbun, local and national authorities will revisit a conversation about restoring the Sessho-seki but have not officially made a formal decision.

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